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UGR SPOTLIGHT: The Resume with @dahomiejrod

Written by on 11 Jul 2013

UGR SPOTLIGHT: The Resume with @dahomiejrod

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In addition to being ½ of the R&B duo Recognition, the homie J-Rod is also a business man. As a member of Recognition, the group has been nominated for an SEA award, 5 Jackson Music Awards, and they’re the first R&B artist to receive the Pinebelt award.

J-Rod views the industry as being 90% business and 10% talent. And the Resume proves it. Their single “Scratches” cracked the Billboard charts at Number 20 in 2010 and they’ve received 3 BET Nominations.

Good music speaks for itself. When a listener tunes in to their favorite radio station, great satisfaction is met knowing their favorite artist is playing. The late nights and early mornings working is taxing for any entertainer, but it’s the passion to succeed that keeps them pushing forward. It’s one thing to know how to make good music, but it’s another to know how to sell it.

Recently we caught up with J-Rod and he spoke to UGR and gave us some insight on how he views the music scene, what he’s listening to, his favorite albums, and his thoughts on the sound of Mississippi.

jrod ugr 3   UGR: Tell us about what’s been going on with Recognition.

J-Rod: We’ve been working with Capitol Records for the past two years. We’ve been getting some legal things together that will be up in August. After that is over the plan is to drop some new music for our supporters to love.

UGR: Where do you see Recognition fitting into the current music scene?

J-Rod: We have always had our own lane. Our sound has an edge. The edge of everything Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop everything. I’m from Magee, MS. I’m not from Jackson, but Jackson adopted us. It’s a Jackson sound.

UGR: What new artists have you been listening to lately?

J-Rod: Two artists I have been listening to have been J-Cole and Pusha T. My favorite J-Cole track would have to be “Get Your Money.” I like the song “Blocka” and “Trust You” with Kevin Gates by Pusha. My favorite Pusha T album would have to be his latest one and I rock with J-Cole’s first album.

UGR: Where do you see the sound of Mississippi being 5 years from now?

J-Rod: In the next 5 years I see the whole country saying “What Up, Ju.” Mississippi has its own sound. The smallest towns are the best. They treat you like they love you. They’re the best.

UGR: What are 3 of your favorite albums?                                              jrod ugr2

J-Rod: My 3 favorites albums would have to be | 1) Usher “Confessions | 2) Kanye West “The College Dropout” | 3) Tank “Sex, Love, Pain”

UGR: What should we be looking for in the future from Recognition?

J-Rod: In the future you should be looking for big placement. We are working with some new producers and a few producers that everybody knows. Most importantly you should be looking forward to seeing success.

UGR: Do you have any last words?

J-Rod: When you focus on what you’re doing in life, if its working don’t fix it.

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