Beyonce Looking Bootylicious On The Coast of Spain

Posted by Futuristic Blogger on hiphopnews24-7

Beyonce Looking Bootylicious on The Coast of Spain, Bey and Jay Spends $350,000 On Dream Vacation On a Yacht!! — Photos Inside —- Beyonce and Jay Z aren’t like us normals. Their fame and fortune has and will continue to afford them opportunities we can only dream of, opportunities like a $350,000 dream vacation on a yacht on the coast of Spain.


See, that’s what Jay treated his lovely wife to in celebration of her 32nd birthday last week. While most of us won’t ever know what it’s like to have such a glamorous getaway, luckily we can experience Beyonce’s vicariously thanks to the collection of vacation photos she shared on her Tumblr.


This is what it’s like to vacation in the style of Jay Z and Beyonce:

First, you’ll need a private jet to get to your yet:

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