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3 Ways To Not Get Curved In 2017

Written by on 19 Dec 2016

Fellas I know pursuing a woman isn’t an easy thing. Especially in 2016! Have no fear because I’m hear to give you a few tips for the new year.

Thoughts on Texting:

If you’re texting a potential female love interest and the conversations seems to be starting off dry (i.e. “Me: Wyd; Her: Nothing in the bed”). Instead of replying with your own boring answer like “Nothing. Chilling” try this (i.e. Me: Ok cool. I was texting you because I wanted you to go to the movies with me. I can understand if you’re tired, but if you’re up for it just let me know). You’re guaranteed to get a better response even if she’s just going for the food.

Thoughts on getting the emotional party started:

Let her control the tv programming if you’re relaxing at your place. Allow her to choose the tv programming or movie. Something that she would enjoy. You only go in for your move when she’s fully relaxed. Never make the move early. You will get curved! 

Thoughts on food selection:

Always get her something to eat. Lol!! Just always do it bro.
I hope these tips help you in the new year. Best of luck guys!

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