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5 Reasons Your Team Won’t Win The Super Bowl

Written by on 19 Dec 2016

The playoff season is approaching fast & all of your friends think their team is going to win the championship. We know that everyone’s team can’t win. That leaves us here to ponder over the grueling question. How do you know if your team isn’t going to win the Super Bowl?
5. Your kicker always misses a key field goal.
Your team is probably not winning the big one if your team kicker always seems to miss that game tying or game winning field goal.
4. Your team defense is suspect.
Your team isn’t like to win the Super Bowl if they give up hundreds of total yards or double digits points ever game.
3. Your team celebrations are wack.
A team that plays together stays together. If your favorite player on your team scores a touchdown & his teammates don’t join in then your team is probably not going to win the Super Bowl.
2. Interception. Interception. Interceptions!
Y’all not winning a championship if your team quarterback always seems to throw a pick when your team needs to regain momentum.
1. Your fans are boring!!
I doubt your team has any fight if your team doesn’t have a strong fanbase that will fight people for disrespecting your team. 

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