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3 Reasons The Rock Is Awwwwsome & The Miz Is Awesome

Written by on 20 Dec 2016

He’s the most electrifying man in sports & entertainment. Literally! However, there’s one man who believes that he is the true A-List superstar & that man is The Miz! Here’s 3 Reasons The Rock is awwwsome and The Miz is just awesome.

1. The Rock conquers everything.

The Miz has conquered everything from television to films. He’s even had his own phenomenal stunt double. One thing The Miz hasn’t done is conquer the box office. So that point goes to The People’s Champ, The Rock!

2. Championships. Championships. Championships!

The Rock is one of the greatest champs in WWE history & his rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin is legendary. To The Miz’s credit, his rivalry with Dolph Ziggler was an awesome thing to see as well. The Miz has been a great IC championship, but nothing compares to The Rock being IC champ & Steve Austin throwing his IC title off a bridge. Point goes to the Great One.

3. Women love the People’s Champ. Really they do!

The Miz is winning at life! Marrying Maryse has to be amazing, but I doubt The Rock loses any sleep over the ladies. Recently he was named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. I mean what else does The Rock need to be the People’s Champ. Game. Set. Match goes to…The Rock!

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