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Opinion: Non-Rich Living In 2017

Written by on 22 Dec 2016

Life is getting crazier by the day. Payments plans are increasing. Benefits are decreasing. Wages are being stifled with no breath in sight. You may be asking yourself how can you make it through another year without feeling stressed by these changes. Here’s a few tip to decreasing those stress levels.
1. Handle business first.
Always take care of your basic needs and bill payments first. Your  needs and bills are two things that can easily have you feeling overwhelmed. They aren’t always easy to take care of, but your heart will thank you.
2. Exercise regularly and eat better foods.
I’m by no means a health/fitness buff, but I like for my body to feel good. It’s a most that you feel good about your life with bills piling up & basic needs wearing you thin. A better diet & exercise plan can add years back on your life.
3. Make sure you’re insured.
With wages increaseing you have to know there is a decrease coming from somewhere. Taxes are increasing and penalties as well. One new penalty we’re facing in 2017 is the Obamacare Individual Mandate penalty. This fines adults $695 for not having healthcare insurance & will be deducted from your tax returns. If you’re from an urban or rural background you know how it feels to work a job with benefits & not be able to use those benefits due to basic needs & bill payments monthly. This fine is a new obstacle for the new year & it’s better to prepare & be aware than to dare.
I hope you find some of these tips to be helpful for you in the new year. Thanks for reading.

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