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Saving Our History, One Story At A Time

Written by on 4 Jan 2017

Dear Friends, 
   As 2016 comes to an end, we reflect on what the year has held. Not only have we been busy producing films and sharing Mississippi history, this past year has provided the opportunity for us to give back. Because you shared with us, we were able to share with others.

   Our student mentoring program supported the participation of five Jackson State University college students in a program at George Washington University. Even though we have shared this with you before, we think their efforts demand a second look. Receiving a 4th place honorable mention in the Planet Forward Storyfest International Competition was indeed no small feat, especially since most of them had little or no experience in making a documentary film. In 2017, you will be able to see the documentary, “Save our Farms, Save our Families”, created by the JSU/Tougaloo team, at  

In addition to underwriting one film per year, we also support an organization whose goals align with that of NMHS Unlimited. This year’s recipient was Tougaloo College who received two performances of “Walking in their Footsteps,” underwritten by NMHS Unlimited, to support their student recruitment efforts. “Walking in their Footsteps” celebrates the lives of five women – Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, Ida B. Wells Barnett, Eliza Farish Pillars, Annie Bell Robinson Devine and Gladys Noel Bates. The fast paced 45-minute performance incorporates the women’s stories through song, dance, spoken word and film.

   Every year, NMHS Unlimited Film Productions chooses one story of historical significance to underwrite. For 2016, the story of Elport Chess and the Lanier High School Bus Boycott of 1947, the story of Elport Chess, a WWII veteran enrolled at Lanier High School in 1947, who refused to give up his seat on a bus designated for transporting “colored” students to class for a white woman, took center stage.
    We extend our sincere gratitude to the Lanier Class of ’47 for inviting us to share this untold story and entrusting us with their vision. Through our joint advocacy, the Jackson City Council voted to re-name the JATRAN bus facility in honor of Elport Chess.

“Saving Our History, One Story at a Time” is the focus on NMHS Unlimited Film Productions. We research and share many untold stories of African American history in Mississippi. We are able to tell these stories with the support of donors, grants and friends such as you. Help us continue our mission by donating to NMHS Unlimited through straight donation or product purchase on our website. We hope you will continue the journey with us.
   As we prepare for a 2017, we wish each of you a life filled with Joy, Peace, Hope and Love!  Click the picture below to donate.

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