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Opinion: Is Panhandling Annoying, Helpful Or A Gift?

Written by on 12 Jan 2017

In this world we live in misfortune & blessings go hand to hand. That leads me to my next opinion. Panhandlers! We see them everywhere. We often feel empathy & are driven to help, but before you open your wallet ask yourself a real question. Am I really supposed to be helping this person? Hear me out. How often do you actually read the signs that these people are holding? I think a closer look should be taken because some reasons are justified & others are just borderline misleading. Let’s look at the good reasons & the others.
1. Loving mom down on her luck.

2. Single & ready to mingle

3. Went for my dream & failed. Miserably.

4. I need boobs.

5. Here, Take my money!

6. Say no to Beiber.

Panhandlers are everywhere. Some should be helped & some just need a reality check. That’s just my opinion.

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