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5 Lessons Learned While Watching Hidden Figures

Written by on 15 Jan 2017

History is full of remarkable tidbits. Sometimes it only takes a film to remind us of how difficult the journey to today’s society actually was. “Hidden Figures” is full of those tidbits & lessons. Here’s a list of 5 lessons I learned from the movie. Enjoy!

5. Conquer adversity.
Life isn’t fair & most of us have to fight battles that are more difficult than others. Should you let that stop you from doing a good job? No! Let nothing stop you. Not only did Katherine’s bathroom journey end racial segregation at NASA, but it made her job tasks more achievable.

4. Always be willing to learn more to advance in your career field.
If you’re working a job, in this case a job where you’re facing being replaced by a computer, you need knowledge. By learning about advanced computer programming, Dorothy was able to not only help herself, but also her team.

3. Proper progression means meeting additional requirements.
Simply put, if the degree is needed to achieve than one must achieve the degree. That’s what Mary made sure she achieved. Mary had to become the first African American woman to attend an all white high school in Hampton, VA before she could become the first African American female engineer at NASA. She wasn’t afraid to do so. Mary was able to become an engineer after seeking a court ruling & being allowed to attend nightly college prep courses.

2. Always ask about open positions & state your case.
You’re a supervisor if you’re doing a supervisors job. Right? This was Dorothy’s thinking. You have to show interest in positions. That interest mixed with her own personal ambition helped Dorothy to become that supervisor.

1. If you need additional information to do your job, get it!
It takes a lot of time & effort to get the job done the right way. How can you properly solve an equation without having all the required information? Don’t be afraid to ask for access if that information needed is in a meeting you’re not supposed to be in. Why? Because that’s the only way you can properly solve your equation. Katherine went out & got that information!

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