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#UGR Spotlight: On Tha Daily with @L3THVL

Written by on 9 Feb 2017

UGR: Tell us about a little about yourself?
L3THVL: I go by the name of L3THVL. I’n an artist from the birth place of Hip-hop, The Bronx, New York. I love music & have a great passion for it. I represent a whole lot of positive energy.
UGR: Being a musician, where do you see yourself fitting into the current music scene?
L3THVL: I see myself fitting in with any genre of music, but at the same time standing out because I like to show my versatility. I’m not just a one-lane artist
UGR: What new artists have you been listening to lately?
L3THVL: The new artists I have been listening to is My3 Troy Lanez & Lil Uzi. 
UGR: What made you want to pursue a career in entertainment?
L3THVL: Music is in my blood. My mom was a singer & my pops use to rab back in the day. My uncle June, he use to rab and DJ. My brother Rob-Low is a DJ so I feel like it was just meant for me to do this.

UGR: Who are some of your favorite musicians?
L3THVL: My favorite musicians will have to be Jay-Z, Ma$e, and Fabolous 
UGR: What are 3 of your favorite albums?
L3THVL: Jay-Z’s Blue Print album, Ma$e’s Double Up album, & Fab’s Real Talk album.

UGR: What should we be looking for in the future from L3THVL?
L3THVL: I have a whole lot of great things in store for you guys I promise you that. March 3rd, my new tape titled “Premonition” will be a classic! It will have music everyone can enjoy. Plug Nation Music, we going to take the game by storm. 
UGR: Do you have any last words?

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