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#UGR Spotlight: Art Of Reality with @ayoitsshanx

Written by on 4 May 2017


UGR: Tell us about a little about yourself?

I’m Shanx from East New York, Brooklyn. I’m an aspiring Artist (Actor, Rap Artist, Song Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Audio Engineer) as well as a Father. For me success is not an option. I want success so I can share it with my fam. So whenever I’m in doubt I just think of my kids and village of supporters that are counting on me to keep going.

UGR: Being a musician, where do you see yourself fitting into the current music scene?

As far as the music scene now… it’s very different from how it was when I was first introduced to Hip Hop in the early 90’s. Evolution is a part of everything in life so I just work on changing with time as well. I incorporate my gritty New York flow in my  lyrics. That creates vivid pictures in hopes that the listener feels me. I pride myself on making timeless music so I think my music will fit in for many years to come.

UGR: What new artists have you been listening to lately?

A couple of new mainstream artists that listen to are PnB Rock, Dave East and Don Q. I think they do a good job at telling a story through their bars and it’s heart felt.

UGR: What made you want to pursue a career in entertainment?

I’ve always enjoyed being on stage, performing songs or even working on a play. When I realized that I could actually make a living doing some things that I’m already passionate about it was a no brainer. At this point I’ve made so many sacrafices that this isn’t Plan A, it’s Plan Only.

UGR: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

I grew up on Jay-Z, who will probably always remain tmy favorite artist even when he completely stops making music. He got me through alot of cold summers and hot winters. His bars came across very clear yet complex. One of his best qualities as a Rapper was to say something that could really take a couple of years to set in. To this day it still happens.

UGR: What are 3 of your favorite albums?

There are a few albums from my era that sit really well with me, but Jay-Z with “Reasonable Doubt” and “In My Lifetime Vol. 1” are at the top of my list as well as Biggie “Ready to Die,” Wu Tang “Enter the 36th Chamber” was a monster album, Nas “It Was Written”. I have to stop there because the list would go on. I don’t really listen to too many albums these days. It’s more about who has a new hot song lol.

UGR: What should we be looking for in the future from Shanx?

All I can say is I look good I feel good and things are looking good. I will continue to work on branding myself “Shanx” the artist and my #NoDayzOff campaign. At the same time I’ll continue to do my cameo appearances in these films until the film is about me.

UGR: Do you have any last words?

Shout out to my brother Dj Rico Banks for the opportunity and to my fans expect nothing but the best. You can find all of my latest videos on my youtube HookedTv channel. Follow me on instagram @ayoitsshanx and I’d say as my homie Rolly say “support cost you nothing”. Dont wait until everybody else rocking with me for you to rock with me.

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