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Are The Young Bucks WWE Bound Soon?

Written by on 3 Nov 2017


Bullet Club standouts Matt & Nick Jackson have been battling the WWE for most of 2017. From catchphrases to fans, the brothers Jackson have constantly been butting heads with the professional wrestling juggernaut. The battle has even gotten so bad that the Bullet Club invaded a WWE Raw event, but is there somebody much bigger going on. Are The Young Bucks WWE bound?

WWE has sent cease & desist letters to the Young Bucks for them to stop using their “2-Sweet” likeness. Ironically, WWE has also used the Young Bucks “FTR” moniker & acronym, an acronym that targets WWE tag team The Revival. 2K Games has also contacted the Bucks about doing motion capture work for their next WWE 2K video game. The Bucks declined, but the fact that the company contacted the brothers due to the number of people creating their likeness in the game speaks volume.


​The Young Bucks are one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling. The are easily the best tag team that isn’t signed to WWE. WWE has recently signed many of the best wrestlers in professional wrestling. This list includes Lio Rush, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly Rodrick Strong & Former Bullet Club member Adam Cole. All of whom are former ROH standouts. WWE also signed The Hardyz following an amazing match they had during Wrestlemania week with the Young Bucks. The Hardyz would go on to return to the WWE the following day at Wrestlemania.

The Young Bucks are currently dominating the indie scene with the Bullet Club. Bullet Club is king right now & the talk of wrestling. Bullet Club merchandise can prominently be seen in audiences at WWE Live Events. I believe that we will be seeing the brothers Buck in WWE sooner than we expect. I’m all for the Young Bucks joining WWE. I think the company has a better idea of how to establish big name indy talents. At least better than they ever have before. I honestly love watching the Young Bucks wrestle & think they can succesfully transition on to WWE programming.


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