Russ Big-Ups 2 Chainz, Calls Him A Legend And Thinks He Deserves Higher Festival Listing


2 Chainz recently voiced his displeasure with the Governors Ball. All this occurred after the festival released it’s yearly lineup.

Being displeased with his placement on the bill, 2 Chainz stated his opinion. “Whoever did this flyer need to do it over !!! No capp !! I put in to much work to settle !! I ain’t goin for the buddy buddy Sh*t this year give me miness!!!,” said 2 Chainz on Instagram.

Russ is also listed on the flyer. He is placed one row above 2 Chainz. The poster is said to be an assumption of the artists set times. However, this particular poster doesn’t specify which stage the musicians will perform on or times.

While in the the airport, Russ was asked about the topic recently. To which Russ gave 2 Chainz a shout out and showed love to the as he spoke to TMZ.

“I mean 2 Chainz is a legend. He should get the credit,” said Russ. He also continued with “It’s a weird thing with the festivals. It’s politics.” Gotta love Russ for showing his support for the older musicians.


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