United Airlines Disses @paulwallbaby, Fires Friend Over Buddy Pass


Houston Rapper Paul Wall made news in 2017 after offering to make the Houston Astros baseball team free grillz for making the World Series. The “Sittin’ Sideways” rapper made good on his promise in November after the team won the 2017 World Series.

Paul Wall teamed with Houston jeweler Johnny Dang to make the grillz. The special edition World Series grillz each took a 5 hours and featured the words “World Series” on them. Paul Wall would later release his “World Series Grillz” single with Lil Keke and Z-Ro.

Known as a good guy, the Houston rapper recently ran into a problem with United Airlines. The issue revolves around Paul Wall knowing an United Airlines employee and going to them for assistance.

Paul Wall’s friend was terminated by United Airlines after letting the rapper use his buddy pass to fly and do charity work out of state. Allegedly, United that like it too much and subsequently fired the employee. This led to Paul Wall finally speaking out about the situation via Twitter.

“Wow. This unbelievable. A close family friend was fired by @united airlines after 16 Years with no infractions for allowing me to fly on his pass to do Charity Work out of town. More details coming.  Please RT!!!,” said Paul Wall. He continued, “My boy is a combat disabled veteran. Never a single infraction in 16 yrs with @united.”

That’s definitely a sticky situation. One that hopefully gets resolved soon because it doesn’t look to be in the airlines favor at all. A lot of strange things happen in the world, but terminating a disabled combat veteran doesn’t seem fair if it’s without just cause.





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