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New Boyz Member Ben J Says R&B Singer Tinashe Aided Group Split

Written by on 16 Jan 2018

Tinashe has been winning hearts over since the release of “2 On,” her 2014 single. The Schoolboy Q assisted single was infectious as it took over radio and dance floors across the nation.

It made Tinashe a household name as Q’s hit making resume continued to grow. Although out the musical picture at the moment, Tinashe is still making headlines. This time however it’s not for her music, but for her affiliation to a former group. That group being the New Boyz.

California Rap duo the New Boyz made waves in 2009 after the release of their “You’re A Jerk” single. The single was massive and a viral hit. Making the California duo household names. They would follow up the platinum single by releasing another platinum single “Tie Me Down” featuring the Ray J.

The group was on fire and even released a third platinum single “Backseat” from their second album. Thing changed after that and the New Boyz slowed disappeared from the spotlight. They kind of just banished without much reason or questioning. Former group member Ben J recently spoke on the group’s decline with VladTV and he had some surprising things to say about R&B singer Tinashe.

“He had a girlfriend named Tinashe. Tinashe was always in his head,” said Ben J speaking about from group member Legacy’s relationship with the singer. “She was all in his head telling him he was better than me. He don’t need to do the kiddy sh*t. Do Disney channel or Nickelodeon. You much more by yourself. You’re greater.,” continued Ben J

He continued, “All the sh*t she doing now. She was telling him not to do. I really hate that b*tch. I don’t like that b*tch at all.” “I respect her grind. These b*tches is snakes. They scam us n*ggas. You gotta be on your toes. Just like they did Rob Kardashian. They scam us.,” stated Ben J before the clip closed.

Ben J doesn’t seem pleased with the way the group ended at all. I’ve heard group situations can be tricky at times, but I looks like a high level of mess broke up the New Boyz. You never truly know what brought an end to situations until you’ve heard from all parties. However, Ben J seems convinced about one part being a reason.

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