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@WildEyeMovies To Release “Hell’s Kitty” On VOD March 13 And DVD March 27

Written by on 6 Feb 2018


Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 3/5 Stars

Hell’s Kitty is a tale of a covetous feline that acts possessed and possessive of his owner around women. The film is based on the web series and comic book of the same name, and inspired by writer-director Nicholas Tana’s experiences living with a professedly possessed cat. The results are as funny as they are frightening!

Nick (Nicholas Tana), a Hollywood screenwriter, discovers his cat has become murderously possessed. His cat is possessed and will stop at nothing to rid him of any woman in his life. As his life spirals out of control, Nick must find a way to have his kitty exorcised of the demonic spirit haunting her.

Nick is searching for love. Without love present in his life, Nick has formed a close relationship with his cat Angel. Angel loves Nick, maybe a little too much, but loves Nick nevertheless. Their relationship is sweet, but turns deadly as Angel’s rage turns into murder. Angel will stop at nothing as she attempts to get rid of the women in Nick’s life once and for all.

“Hell’s Kitty” is a good film. I enjoyed the acting. The horror comedy in this film is good. It’s heavier on the comedy side than the horror theme. That gives it a good touch and won’t run away viewers when the gore tags into the equation. I think film goers will enjoy this film.

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