@YellaBeezy214 Talks Dallas, Post Malone And New Music With @MassAppeal

“You can be a stubborn n*gga who make music you only like, but if you really want to go somewhere, you really got to give the people what they want to hear.”

Though Dallas is one of the biggest markets in the country, the Texas city has yet to produce a street rapper who has broken through on a national level. Yella Beezy explains how he’s going to change that fact in the latest episode of Open Space.

Sure there’s crossover star Post Malone and Dallas is really who taught the world how to Dougie almost a decade ago, but Beezy is representing a different part of the city. Life there can be hard—“It’s the jungle, rough rugged, where the gorillas and bird slap box,” Beezy says—and that’s the world in which he was raised.

“You ever see your mama crying about not bein’ able to pay some bills or our water finna get cut off or some shit like that?” he asks. “And her ego’s big as a motherfucker. She don’t wanna ask nobody else. It’s just me, her, and my step-dad, and he ain’t got no job either. That shit’ll tear a motherfucker down. I told mama she’ll never cry on no shit no more.”

After years of hustling, Beezy is now making a name for himself with his music. His breakout track “That’s On Me” appeared on ‘Lite Work, Vol. 2,’ released late last year. He plans to take that success to the next level. “If I ain’t had that struggle in me, if I ain’t been through nothin’, I wouldn’t have the ambition and the drive I’ve got now,” he says

Still Beezy is always representing for Dallas, all the way up to the distinctive shag haircut (a short-up-top, long-in-the-back look that’s been a staple since the 1990s) that he still rocks. As to why he hasn’t changed his hair, he explains,“You go in the world, you know they from Dallas. That’s why I keep it, because I want you to know I ain’t from here.”

Check the latest edition of Open Space right now.


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