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Love Dances Into The Hearts Of Viewers In “Dance Baby Dance” @DBDTheMovie @StephenKogon

Written by on 11 Feb 2018


Have you ever had a dream? Jimmy did and now it’s his turn to dance. Will he be able to rise above all the competition, and his own shortcomings, to dance the performance of his life? If so, then his lifelong dream will be realized.

Love and sacrifice build the core of the spirit. They create passion. A passion that lives in us all and drives us to be successful. Success is all based on personal perception. What do you want to do with your life? Who do you wish to become? It’s all personal.

Jimmy is a dancer and has always longed to become a performer. Jimmy is sweet, caring and energetic. He sees the best of what life has to offer. Jimmy is positive and has a great spirit, but some way he always comes up short. However, he doesn’t let that stop him as he continues to follow his dream.

This film is triumphant. It’s a motivational film with a message. That message is simple. Love conquers all obstacles. We as people often feel broken, but we all can be fixed. We can rebuild our minds, body and relationships. Love is all we need sometimes.

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