Loyalty Is The Name Of The Game In “Honor Up”


By: Richard Caldwell
Rating: 3/5

Friends and family are the most important people in our lives. We’re born alone, but we grow to love others. Those we see first have our heart and those we form bonds with are tied together by blood. Loyalty is a key principle in any environment. “Honor Up” examines the role loyalty plays in the lives of its cast.

“Honor Up” follows the story of OG. OG is a street hustler, but non violent. He’s loyal to his friends and especially his family. Premo ia like family to OG. Premo is the person who brought him into the game and is a father figure to OG. Premo wants OG to be everything he wasn’t, but OG must first survive the streets to do so. OG’s crew consists of younger guys who are loyal to OG, but must be disciplined to maintain order. “Honor Up” follows OG as he attempts to keep that order while remaining loyal to the people he loves the most.

This film makes you think. Is everyone you love on your side? Do the love you the same way that you love them? “Honor Up” touches upon all that. It also examines loyalty among thieves and is it honorable to be dishonorable. Is it ok for you to turn on your crew if you’re being honorable to the ones who you truly love? The movie is currently available on all streaming platforms. Watch the full trailer below:

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