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Drugs And Family Don’t Mix In “The Misguided”

Written by on 22 Mar 2018

The Misguided - Cast9 - Caleb Galati and Jasmine Nibali

By: Richard Caldwell
Rating: 3/5

Trust is the rarest form of currency in the world. Trust can take you places and buy you things you’ve only imagined. Everybody wants it, but everyone can’t get it. However, we all have a personal bank of trust with our families. Family is there for you at your highest and lowest points. That’s the bridge that shouldn’t be burned. “The Misguided” examines that bridge and bank of trust through the eyes of two brothers.

Levi returns to live with his brother Wendel after dropping out of college. Living with Wendel isn’t Levi’s first option, but he has nowhere else to go after being kicked out of his home by his girlfriend. Wendel lives a crazed life. He’s a drug dealer and lives the lifestyle effortlessly. Levi encounters Wendel’s ex girlfriend after living with his brother for awhile and the two share a connection. “The Misguided” follows the growth of this connection and all it’s ups and downs.

The Misguided - Cast3 - Anna Philp and Steve Mihaljevich

“The Misguided” is definitely a film for mature audiences. The comedic drama sparks a few laughs, but is heavy on the drama. However, the fight scene between the brothers is one of the funniest situations any two siblings can possibly find themselves in. The film focuses on the connection between family and relationship bonds. When is it ok to date a person your family doesn’t approve of? Is it ever really ok or is it just something you deal with? This movie answers both of those questions.

This film has a good look. The acting is the best thing about the film. You really find yourself believing the characters and getting sucked into their lives. The film is set in upscale living spaces mostly. The characters venture out into the city, but they never go into many dark areas. I think the scenery is fitting for the story and the characters.

The Misguided - Cast1 - Caleb Galati and Steve Mihaljevich

Overall, I enjoyed this film. All of the characters are relatable. The father of Levi’s girlfriend was my personal favorite. You never know which way he will respond to the other characters. I liked the part of “The Misguided.” The film is for mature audiences, but it’s a good date night film. It keeps your attention easily throughout and is worthy of applause for the films high points.

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