@UMG Releases New Music And Videos While Announcing New Tour Dates And Album Pre-Orders

This Week Universal Music Group released new music from their stable of artists. Artists include Jordan Davis and Field Report.

jordan davisfield report

The label also released new music from some of their hottest acts as well. Those musicians include Post Malone, Snow Patrol, Luke Bryan and more.

luke bryanpost maloneseinabo seysnow patrol

Some of the label’s hottest acts are also planning to tour soon. Artists hitting the road include Kacey Musgraves and Lord Huron.

kacey musgraveslord huron

New albums are getting ready to be release by other Universal Music Group artists including Rich The Kid and Bettye Lavette. Pre-orders for their albums are available now.

bettye lavettekacey musgraves2rich the kid

Spotify is offering a new “Best of Shawn Mendes” playlist. They also are offering a playlist titled, “The Newness,” which features more new music from your favorite Universal Music Group acts.

newnessshawn mendes


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