Easy Questions With Difficult Answers: What’s Really Good With R. Kelly!?


These next opinions are my own and I hate to say this, but R. Kelly is a sick dude. I watched “Roxanne, Roxanne” over the weekend and he reminds me of the “Cross” character. To R. Kelly’s defense, he has spoken about how he endured child molestation at a young age. That’s an unreasonable experience for anybody to endure, but as an adult you have to get some control over your life. R. Kelly has made news over much of the past 20 years for many disheartening reasons involving women. You have the time he was accused of having sex with and potentially urinating on a minor.

There’s the time where he was accused of running away with a man’s with for months at a time. Let’s not forget the most recent claim of him holding women hostage in his homes throughout the country. Honestly R. Kelly is a great musician, but the madness of his personal life is unbearable to read at times. Most recently one of his alleged victims said she vomited after she was forced by the singer to have sex with some of his other girlfriends or “pets” as he’s calling them.

I can’t make these things up and I’m not going to sugar coat it on this one. Former Dallas-based DJ Kitti Jones said this in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. She offered more details about her details with R. Kelly and they all sound like some that most people would face serious repercussions for. You know the old saying, “you’re innocent until proven guilty,” but it’s looking more like a saying than a reality to me daily.


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