The Curious Case Of 6ix9ine And His Many Beefs


6ix9ine is staking his claim as Hip-Hop’s resident bad boy. The rising New York Rapper has already had his share of 2018 beefs. Over the past few weeks he managed to beef with both The Game and J. Prince Jr. simultaneously. Things seem to be no different for Tekashi 6ix9ine as he embraces it all. Last Friday, The Breakfast Club released their interview with the Rapper. However, news of the interview and its content begin swirling the night before. This prompted Rapper YG to take to Instagram and simply say “F*ck 69”. Many people assumed it was because they thought YG’s latest single “Suu Whoop” disses 6ix9ine.

A post shared by YG (@yg) on

It was later revealed that 6ix9ine dissed YG during his interview with The Breakfast Club and YG got wind of the news early. During the interview 6ix9ine would say nobody listens to YG and the last YG song he has heard is “Toot It and Boot It”. That’s some harsh criticism from the kid with the rainbow colored hair. So it’s easy to see why YG would take offense to all of this. Tension between Rappers and 6ix9ine is growing daily. He doesn’t seem bothered by much of it all, but The Breakfast Club team looked out for the Rapper by bringing a Pastor in to pray for 6ix9ine.


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