Fantasy Becomes Comedic Reality In “Who’s Jenna…?” @IndicanPictures


By: Richard Caldwell
Rating: 2.5/5

Friends are a man’s best and Johnathan and Andy are two peas in a pod. Their father’s met after a chance encounter at the hospital while their wives gave birth. With their dad’s instantly hitting it off, Johnathan and Andy would grow up to become friends. Their friendship gets interesting after Johnathan begins dating an aspiring lawyer named Jenna. Andy, being Johnathan’s best friend, is sure that Jenna looks like a well known adult film star.

The movie is hilarious at times. Its humor also borders on quirkiness. Johnathan being cool as ever also begins to have his mild manner tested. This happens as he has to deal with Jenna’s brother in law. A brother in law who is also just happens to be Johnathan’s boss Jenna’s brother in law, Joe is overbearing at times, but also likes Johnathan.

Tension ensues between Joe and Johnathan after Joe doesn’t want Johnathan’s friend to accompany him on a trip. Scott is Johnathan’s friend and also employed by Joe at the firm. He’s smart and intelligent, but has questions surrounding him that limits his success. The film is comedic, but steers near drama. “Who’s Jenna…?” features a cast of good actors and actresses. Fans looking for a good Saturday night laugh are sure to enjoy this film.


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