Diamond And Silk Accused Of Lying To Congress About Trump

Courtesy Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk are two Social Media stars known for their support of President Trump. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are two African American women and Facebook is their primary platform for their Silk And Diamond related content.

The women were asked to testify before Congress recently about their pro Trump supporter. During the congressional hearing they were asked about things potentially influencing their constant support of the President.

Silk and Diamond have been banned from Facebook and their content is censored. This week the women were accused of lying to Congress about being paid by Trump.

The problem with the women’s statement is that FEC filings held the true answers to their relationship. According to the FEC documents, Diamond & Silk were paid over $1,000 by the Trump campaign for field work.

No one knows exactly what the field work was, but the women say it was a refund for airline tickets. However, the women also stated that Facebook never contacted them to see if their content was unsafe.

Silk and Diamond vehemently deny that they have been paid any money by the Trump campaign for support. Congress isn’t letting up on the women and are standing behind their claims that the women are lying about their affiliations.


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