Drake Unfriends Rihanna Says They’re No Longer Friends


Drake and Rihanna have an interesting history with each other. They are two of music’s biggest entertainers. Rumors of them dating have been swirling for years. The rumors always died out, but fans still hung on to the possibilities.

However, Rihanna recently let the world know that they pair wouldn’t be becoming an item anytime soon. She did so in one of her latest interviews. While speaking with Vogue, Rihanna spoke about her relationship with her current boyfriend. Of course she spoke well about her partner, but things had a different tone when she was asked about Drake.

Rihanna would reveal that the two don’t speak. She would go on to say that her and Drake don’t have a friendship. Apparently Drake was caught off guard by the comments, but it seems like he is catching up and getting on the same page. Drake took to social media and unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram recently.

Maybe the two famous entertainers will be friends again in the future, but things don’t seem to be heading in direction. Only time will tell though.



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