Loyalty And Friendships Are Tested In “The Honor List”

THE HONOR LIST Trailer (screen grab) CR: Lionsgate

Friendship is a wonderful thing. Especially when you’re friends with people you really care about. We only have the present and the present is now. Most people can look forward to the future, but most are enslaved to their past. “The Honor List” examines how old friends can remain friends now and into the future.

“The Honor List” follows the story of three friends as they attempt to honor their recently deceased friend. Their friend was kind, passionate, loyal and impacted each of their lives definitely. After her passing, the friends attempt to honor her by completing a list of things they planned to do before graduation. They go through various trials and deal with adversity as they attempt to complete the list. However, anything can be completed when it’s done with love in mind.

This film is a wonderful telling of a High School friends. Are you truly friends or are you friends at the moment? No one really knows until you loyalty is tested and proven. “The Honor List” touches on each of these qualities well. Any fan of High School drama films will enjoy this movie with no problem.


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