Former Friend Alleges Whitney Houston Abandoned Child


Whitney Houston is one of entertainment’s greatest performers. However, her personal life will always overshadow her career. Houston lived the party lifestyle according to numerous insiders. Her lifestyle would eventually lead to her tragic passing.

Many people would blame it on her marriage to R&B bad boy Bobby Brown. Others would disagree and say Whitney was in a league of her own before she met Bobby. The couple were married for years & had a daughter named Bobbi Kristina. She would also tragically pass in a manner similar to her mothers.

In a new documentary, a Houston “friend” is speaking out about Whitney’s relationship with her daughter. Her name is Ellen White and one startling claim suggests that Whitney left her daughter with Ellen shortly after birth and Ellen raised her until she was eight years old. That’s a big claim to be making, but with Houston & Bobbi being deceased it can only be accepted as speculation. Wow, hopefully this documentary sheds more light on these recent allegations.


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