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Family Chaos Creates A Wonderful Atmosphere For Love In “Crazy Rich Asians”

Written by on 21 Aug 2018

Review by Richard Caldwell

Rating: 5/5

Family is the core of all our lives. They’re there for us when friends and comrades disappear. Family can make you feel like royalty or scum. Depends solely on your relationship with your bloodline. “Crazy Rich Asians” is an amazing film that examines these scenarios and multiple related situations.

“Crazy Rich Asians” follows the story of Nick and Rachel. They’re a couple that loves each other. However, they are from opposite sides of the track. One is from a family of wealth while the other is from a more humble setting. Throughout the films their relationship is tested as their worlds attempt to tear them from each other’s arms.

Overall this film feels fresh. The story is an age old tale, but the world is a new one. The dynamics of family is an institute as old as an apple pie recipe. Family is family through both the good and bad times. Nick and Rachel find out that love and family must meet on common ground to truly understand romance. Love is a delicacy. One that must be admired and gently tended to.

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