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Elon Musk Deletes Instagram After Azealia Banks Dispute

Written by on 23 Aug 2018


After a whirlwind week of events, Elon Musk looks to have deleted his Instagram account. This comes after a public misunderstanding with Azealia Banks.

Banks was a guest at the Musk home as she waited for his girlfriend Grimes to return. Grimes and Banks are working on new music for her album.

Azealia, never one to hold her tongue, would tweet she saw Grimes coddling Musk. This after he tweeted funding for Tesla was secured, but Banks said she witnessed him scrounging for funders after the message was sent.

Musk would then go on to state he never met Banks and only saw her once as she exited his home from a far. A completely different story than the one previously told by Banks.

Monday, Azealia would attempt to contact Elon on Instagram. She tagged Musk & stated, “you need to contact me. ASAP” followed by “I need my phone back now.”

In another deleted Instagram story post Banks claimed Banks claimed Musk’s lawyer paid her lawyer off to take her phone and delete any and all evidence from it.

This story is turning into an episode of “The Young and the Restless.” Hopefully Azealia Banks can get this situation figured out soon and return to doing music.

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