Creating A New Genre Of Music MJAE THE GREAT Introduces His Own Lane Of Hip Hop/ Pop Electronic Dance Music


photo 5

Growing up in Southwest Atlanta raised the only boy with no father. Music wasn’t always Mjae’s passion, but he didn’t realize he found the love for music until he was in 12th grade.

Mjae hasn’t been able to stop creating since. Taking a risk, he decided to stop living by society’s rules and quit school to follow his dreams.

From his mother’s couch he started company, Showtime Wireless, a wireless distrubtion company for cell phone carriers. He was determined to never be in the situation to rely on a paycheck.

Mjae didn’t want to risk his life by working on something that could be took from him. This freedom allowed him to have a work life balance and to be able to save every dollar he made to fund his music career.

Having supporters is what gave Mjae the motivation to keep going. No matter the cost, the struggle is what triggered his creativity.

Not only is Mjae an artist, but also a composer. For the past 11 years he has composed and co-produced almost every song that he has recorded either by himself or with producer Mighty Mizz. Check out some of his music below:


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