Hip-Hop Doesn’t Care About Women…No Really

Hip-Hop doesn’t care about women. I say this because actions speak louder than words.

Fans will pay their respects to Aretha Franklin when she passes, but will condemn Mo’Nique for speaking her mind.

Rappers such as Fabolous can be captured on video being verbally agressive towards women. However, they’ll be given the benefit of the doubt because we don’t know what led up to it.

NBA Youngboy can continue to showcase agressive tendencies & abusive ways towards a then & now former girlfriend, but will on become a trending topic. Even when called “UFC Youngboy” we still bump his music.

Even the late XXXTentacion showed the same aggression towards a girlfriend. Men in Hip-Hop are more worried about being “Me Too’d” than discontinuing the acts they will be accussed of.

Hip-Hop even believes there is a conspiracy to bring down rich, young black men instead of seriously looking in the mirror. Why? Because Hip-Hop doesn’t care about women.


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