Freedom Is On The Line As The Fight Begins In “Five Fingers For Marseilles”

Review By: Richard Caldwell
Rating: 3.5/5

The spirit is a powerful thing. The only thing that truly connects us to the universe and others. Anything is possible when you have the spirit of a fighter and God in your life. “Five Fingers For Marseilles” touches on that very principle. What are you willing to sacrifice for freedom?

“Five Fingers For Marseilles” follows the story of five friends. Those friends are all residents of Marseilles. Marseilles is a small African town, but not one without its own secrets. The town would be shaken to its core on one faithful day. The events of that day would shape the lives of the group of friends forever.

I personally enjoyed this film. The cinematography is a plus and the accompanying soundtrack provides a pleasant background. The story of Marseilles is heart warming and at times a tear jerker. We all long to truly experience freedom in our lives, but what are you willing to sacrifice for it? “Five Fingers For Marseilles” begins its theatrical releases in New York, NY and Tucson, AZ on September 7, 2018. Watch the full trailer below:


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