Mischa Barton Thrills In “The Basement” As September 15th Premiere Date Approaches


Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 3/5

Hollywood can be a twisted place. It’s a city where so many lights shine, but many souls are lost. Lives are often ruined as people pursue their life long dreams. Families can be ripped apart by the lifestyle of the rich & famous. The demented side of Hollywood shows its gruesome face in “The Basement.” Here’s a film where you truly get to see how a life primed for success can be lost in the smallest moment.

Mischa Barton (“The OC”, The Sixth Sense) stars as Kelly in this film. Kelly is the wife of musician Craig Owen. Kelly and Craig’s lives are turned upside down after Craig mysteriously disappears. After the disappearance, Kelly begins to piece together clues in an attempt to find her lost husband. However unknown to Kelly, a serial killer has captured him & has other plans for Craig.

Overall I enjoyed this film. It has its gruesome moments, but the story has depth. It takes viewers to a place that isn’t expected & that’s a good thing. It shows how crazy life can get when you’re rich & famous. It also shows viewers how important the little things are in life as well. “The Basement” will definitely have audiences longing for more at the end!

The Basement gets a 10-market theatrical and digital release on September 15 from Uncork’d Entertainment. Watch the full trailer below:



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