“King Cohen” Brings Larry Cohen’s Fearless Hollywood Ascension To Theater Screens

Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 4.5/5

Rejection is the sister of fear. Fear has kept many people from achieving their dreams. Fear only lasts for a moment, but if nurtured it can linger for a lifetime. Larry Cohen was fearless as a filmmaker. “King Cohen” tells the story of Larry’s fearless ascension in the film industry.

“King Cohen” delves into to the life of Larry Cohen. The filmmakers upbringing is discussed early in the film. A love for film is what Larry had as a child. It’s said the native New Yorker wanted to become a comedian before becoming a filmmaker. These early interests shaped Larry Cohen into becoming a future film titan.

I enjoyed this film. Documentaries are a favorite of mine. Of course the film industry is also a place of affection. Magic in my heart is created when they’re both added to the equation. Larry Cohen is “King” indeed and “King Cohen” proves it.


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