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The Funk Is Alive In This Group Of New Yorkers As They Invade The “Virgin Blacktop”

Written by on 9 Oct 2018


Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 3/5

What do you love? What sparks some of your favorite childhood memories? Does that thing make you feel a spark of passion every time you speak of it? “Virgin Blacktop” is a film that analyzes each of those individual thoughts. Each thought is generated from a place of love and engulfed in remembrance.

“Virgin Blacktop” is a documentary type film. The film is directed by filmmaker Charles Samuels. It follows Samuels and his group of friends as they tell stories of their beginning days as skateboarders. The group was known as the “wizards” and each got their start in New York towns/cities. That was before they later would combine to form a new sidewalk surfing team.

Overall the film is enjoyable and informative. The tale is unique as it centers around a group of New York skateboarders, The kind of music they chose as their skating background also adds an interesting twist to the story. The “funk” is what they were turned on to. The funk was definitely alive in the “Wizards” as they took the New York skating world by storm.


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