Virgil Films Sheds New Light On The Life Of Paul Walker In “I Am Paul Walker”

Rating: 4/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Life is full of different levels. It’s both mysterious and curious at times. Sometimes things happen early in our lives that completely shape us. That shaping is part of the discussion in Virgil Films latest documentary “I Am Paul Walker.” A 60 minute cut of the film premiered on the Paramount Network earlier this year. A new 90 minute version will be released on November 30, 2018. The new cut is more in depth than the original and offers more insight into the life of Walker.

The documentary is filled with interviews from friends and family. Paul Walker was a child actor and would later grow to become a Hollywood movie star. The film offers insight into Walkers early life. This includes stories about Paul’s childhood and high school experience. Fans of Walker are sure to enjoy this extended cut release.

Overall I enjoyed the film. As a fan, it refreshing to hear stories of such a humble person. Paul Walker was definitely destined to achieve great things in his life. The story of his upbringing and becoming a child star is truly inspiring. The ability to be able to successfully reinvent himself to become a Hollywood star is amazing. Walker was a one and a million talent/human. I encourage fans to watch this film and enjoy fond memories of the actor.

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