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Family And Love Are At The Center Of “Never Heard”

Written by on 23 Nov 2018

Rating: 3.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Family and Love are at the center of “Never Heard.” The streets can be a dangerous place. A place where the souls of many are buried. They seem like they can give you life, but ultimately lead many of men to other places. Will that place be one of good or evil? That’s a question most young men will have to answer in their lives.

In “Never Heard,” Jalen is a charismatic young man. Played by Romeo Miller, Jalen’s father is incarcerated. His father Aaron, played by David Banner, was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Jalen’s mom played by Robin Givens is on a mission to get her son off the streets. With the help of Jalen’s Grandma, Aaron’s mother, Givens may just be able to do so.

Overall I enjoyed this film. It’s a film built around adversity. Overcoming life’s obstacles is a constant theme throughout the film. The best things in life a hidden behind some of life’s biggest walls. It takes a lot of courage to overcome. However, anything can be done when you trust the voices you never heard and believe in the unseen.

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