The War To Save Atlantis Is On! Jason Momoa And Amber Heard Thrill In ‘Aquaman’

Rating: 4.25/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Love can be a funny thing. Especially when you mix the thoughts and feelings of family members. Those opinions can eith make or break a romance. It all depends on the parties involved in the relationship. “Aquaman” examines the connection between family and romance with a hint of action mixed within.

Arthur Curry is the social media phenom known as ‘Aquaman.’ His fish like abilities allows him to do things unlike any other man. The son of an average human and the Queen of an underwater kingdom, Arthur’s world is turned upside down when he meets Mera (Amber Heard). Arthur then learns of his half brother’s plan to destroy the surface world. Arthur then is faced with a difficult decision and must return to Atlantis to save the day.

Honestly this film is awesome! ‘Aquaman’ gave me ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ vibes and that’s good. It’s easy to go into the film not knowing what to expect, but the film finds its footing within the first 15 minutes making it an easy watch. ‘Aquaman’ is fun and full of action. Jason Momoa rocks in his starring role as Aquaman!


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