Cash Reigns Supreme As Keke Palmer Stars In The Christine Crokos Directed “Pimp”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Pain is something that can be life changing. It can transfer a person from a sweet and innocent child to a do or die, ready for whatever adult. Pain and death are kin. “Pimp” tells the story of pain in a way that can’t be ignored. Is pain the cause of struggle or does struggle cause pain?

Wednesday is the daughter of a pimp and former prostitute. Her father’s favorite, Wednesday has a knack for the hustle. Her life is forever changed after the death of her father. After her father dies, Wednesday is forced to take care of her mother and family. Pain is a constant presence in Wednesday’s life, but she has one bright spot and that’s her girlfriend Nikki. “Pimp” follows the story of Wednesday as she searches to find her place in society while playing the cards dealt to her.

Overall I enjoyed this film. It’s a film about overcoming obstacles. The stories can shock viewers at first by its in your face reality. However, that reality is the same thing that allows viewers to feel like they’re apart of the story. Christine Crokos did a wonderful job at writing and directing this film.

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