Fyre Festival Is The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Rating: 4.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Dreams are in the eyes of those with imagination. The ability to see things before they happen can change your life. However, the creative vision can also be the thing that destroys your life. “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” touches on the lifestyle and mindset of such a visionary. How far is too far when you’re attempting to create the unseen?

Billy McFarland was the creative visionary behind the Fyre Festival. Billy was boasted as being one of the next great entrepreneurs. McFarland was the CEO of Fyre Media and founded his first company at age 13. Billy would go on to found Magnises before later founding Fyre Media. The later created disaster fest was created as a way to promote the Fyre Media music booking app. That my friends is where things began to get crazy.

This documentary was really good. The Netflix original told the story from every aspect possible. Giving viewers insight into the mind of attendees and employees. Everyone involved believed in what the festival could be before realizing what it had become. That’s honestly a tough pill to swallow. The team behind this film definitely made sure viewers swallowed it a little easier. It’s definitely worth the watch if you’re at home looking for something to watch on a random Saturday night.

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