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Pressure, Relationships And Sugar Babies Create “The New Romantic”

Written by on 21 Jan 2019

Rating: 2.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Pressure and romance have a complicated relationship especially when one party is thinking about becoming a “Sugar baby.” Relationships are built on trust, love and loyalty, but pressure plays an equal important role. Pressure isn’t a founding block, but can be the very stone that breaks a relationship’s window. “The New Romantic” examines the role pressure plays in both romantic relationships, personal relationships and friendships. Why does one continue to be around a person they don’t see a future with?

Blake is journalism student preparing to graduate. A need for a traffic boost to her website pressures her into seeking more exciting topics. Blake then meets a woman who introduces the idea of becoming a sugar baby to her. She’s against the idea at first, but the need to better her website pressures her into giving in. This is where we see Blake begin to become a woman and the true story begins.

Overall this film was ok. The storyline was intriguing, but the casting choices take a little time adjusting too. Blake is a character audiences will enjoy. However, the visual age gap between her and her “Sugar Daddy” is cringe at times. The mutually beneficial relationship between sugar baby and sugar daddy is something that can only be described by the eyes themselves.

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