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Women And Truth Are The Stars In “Beyond Boundaries: The Harvey Weinstein Scandal”

Written by on 21 Jan 2019

Rating: 3.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Hollywood has always been a difficult place for the talented to break into. Actors and actresses have both faced their share of challenges. However, some obstacles faced by women can be life changing. Sexual exploitation in a male dominated industry can make a woman feel terrified. Especially when the very people employing you are constantly soliciting you with sexual offers. “Beyond Boundaries: The Harvey Weinstein Scandal” explores these various allegations in an attempt to seek justice for the numerous women affected by many this type of harassment.

Harvey Weinstein was a rich and powerful Hollywood film director. His work with Miramax launched his career into unseen territories. With great power comes great responsibility & unfortunately Harvey misused his power. This film explains how he did so and reinforces the notion of toxic masculinity creating a cancer in the workplace. Work environments should be safe for all employees and nobody should feel forced to deal with harassment. Especially if that harassment is being perpetuated from a superior in the environment.

Overall I enjoyed this film. I thought it did a good job of explaining Weinstein’s wrongs. I hope others will watch this film and understand why Harvey’s actions were problematic. Sexual addiction is fixable, but sexual addiction and being a sexual predator are two different things that live on opposite plains. Hopefully films like this will help viewers understand the trials faced by many women daily. Trials that can be damaging to one’s mind, body & spirit. Let’s join to create more comfortable spaces as we survey the damage caused by many of our predecessors.

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