Hospitals And Hospices Await Death In The Family Film “Nothing To Do”

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

The relationship between father and son can be uniquely special. Sometimes the relationship can be good while other times it can be a nightmare. The elder initiates the direction of the relationship when the son is young, but ultimately the son maintains the relationship during the elders later years. Family bonds are bonds that can’t be broken no matter how strained they may have become. “Nothing To Do” is a move that attempts to explain the relationships family members have together.

Kenny is a disc jockey and on air radio personality. Upon finding out his father is slowly dying, Kenny attempts to make sure he enjoys his last days. However, his sister Rachel believes medical treatment is best. Kenny watches out for his father under hospice care. With death being in the near future, the family bands together to enjoy their fathers last days.

Overall I enjoyed this film. The storyline is a good one. The character of Kenny is relatable and their plight is an authentic one. Death can be a scary scenario, but one hopefully each person can individually prepare for throughout life. Love is a powerful thing and with the love of family even your last days can still feel like the best days.

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