True Criminals And Insecurities Create A Dangerous Combination In “Holiday”

Rating: 4/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Love can be a very confusing thing. Especially when you can’t figure out if the person you’re with is in love with you or using you. A quest for a better lifestyle can lead the smartest of individuals to subjecting themselves to inadequate treatment. How much mistreatment can one person take before they want something different? “The Holiday” is a film that perfectly examines that lifestyle and question.

Sascha is a young, beautiful and attractive woman. Her boyfriend Michael is equally handsome, but he has a sinister side. Michael is a drug lord and controls everything around him including Sascha. Things get interesting when Sascha runs into an old friend. She quickly develops feelings for him much to the dismay of her boyfriend.

Overall this movie is intriguing. “Holiday” isn’t good or bad, but it’s a curious film. The love triangle between the characters are emotions most companies feel and explore. However, Michael’s insecurities are something that guides the movie in a dangerous direction. He’s obsessive and relentless about his passions and love. Michael is a true criminal and his presence is welcome. “Holiday” glows as evil rears its ugly face.

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