Love, Crime And Passion Steals Hearts In “Miss Bala”

Rating: 4/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Family is one of life’s true marvels. However, blood can’t make a relative any closer than it could a friend. What would you do if your friend was lost? Furthermore, what would you do if that friend was kidnapped? Would you search for them and fight for their survival or would you forget about their existence? “Miss Bala” examines that very question.

Gina Rodriguez’s stock in Hollywood has risen over the years. The “Jane The Virgin” star is one of entertainment’s most fascinating female lead actresses. “Miss Bala” is her latest work and she didn’t disappoint in the film. Some critics are calling the film “empowering and inspiring.” While others are simply calling the film “so damn fun.” Her work in the film is truly inspiring.

Overall I enjoyed this film. Its an action thriller driven by the passion of the Rodriguez lead character. The battle for the survival of a loved one is always one worth fighting. “Miss Bala” is action at its best! Its not a film meant for the entire family, but one men and women can enjoy together.

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