E-Mates, Sex And Love Transform The Fantasy Dating World Of “2050”

Rating: 3.5/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

What would you do if you could build the perfect relationship? No. I have an even better question. What would you do if you could program the perfect lover? Creating the perfect lover has always been the dream of many. “2050” is a film that examines that very situation.

This film is futuristic in its story telling. The backdrop is one reminiscent of today’s reality. However, there’s a major difference. Computer programming has become more sophisticated and the use of electronics has spread to many new areas. One of those areas being companionship and romantic interest. Would you program the perfect lover if the tools were available?

Overall I enjoyed this film. I liked the comical way it told this sexual story. “2050’s” humor is also it’s charm. Love has always been a complex conversation and many people may try new things if given more choices of companions. I think this film states that perfectly. I thought the movie was awesome for the story it was telling.

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