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Redemption Overpowers Chaos As Jeffrey Wright Stars In “O.G.”

Written by on 27 Feb 2019

Rating: 4/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

Redemption is a thing often spoke of, but only few experience. Life has many paths and can play you different decks of cards. “O.G.” is a film where redemption is at the forefront. Not only is redemption at the forefront, but the chaotic world of prison chaos is the backdrop. How does one redeem himself in a truly chaotic environment?

Jeffrey Wright stars in this film as Louis. Louis is a former gang leader dealing with the last few weeks of a 24 year prison sentence. After living in prison for over two decades Louis is anxious about being released. He meets a new inmate in a complex way. After a confusing first encounter, Louis takes the younger prisoner under his wing. With redemption in his foresight, Louis tries to maintain his peace as his sentence nears its end.

Overall, I liked this film. Jeffrey Wright delivers a stellar performance. A performance that not only indicates that he’s still a great actor, but more than capable of commanding lead roles. “O.G.” is a film full of life lessons. Lessons not only meant to teach those once lost, but also to redeem.

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