Human-Trafficking Thriller “Carga” Gets Dark And Arrives On DVD/VOD This March

Rating: 3/5
Review by Richard Caldwell

As individuals, we all have ways that we see our lives turning out. The quest for betterment can carry us down strange roads. Often roads unseen leading to villages unheard of. In some of those villages terrible things happen & “Carga” is one of the latest films to speak on one of those things. That thing would be human sex trafficking.

This film follows young Viktoriya’s journey to a better life. After setting out on her quest, Viktoriya finds herself in a terrible situation. The young woman soon finds herself falling victim to a sex trafficking network. A network that sends woman to many different countries. Viktoriya is one of their latest victims.

This film is a good one. It touches upon important social issues. It also shows viewers how easy it is to get caught up in a terrible situation. Sex trafficking is a horrific crime. This film is definitely for mature audiences. Overall, I think viewers seeking more insight into the world of sex traffickers will enjoy it.

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