The World Came Together For Environmental Action And A Bold Blueprint To #SolveDifferent

After five days of talks at the Fourth UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, world leaders set the global environmental agenda.

Ministers from more than 179 United Nations Member States delivered a bold blueprint for change, saying the world needs to speed up moves towards innovative models to promote sustainable food systems, tackle poverty and share environmental data.

Altogether, a record 5,000 participants attended, including five Heads of State and Government, 157 ministers and deputy ministers from 179 countries. The Assembly included the Speaking Youth to Power event, the launch of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance, the Science-Policy-Business Forum and the Sustainable Innovation Expo.

Twenty-six resolutions have been adopted on the environment-poverty and gender-environment nexuses, sustainable consumption and marine litter among others. These resolutions will make it easier for countries to get assistance from the United Nations on these issues.

On the last day of the fourth UN Environment Assembly, countries passed an ambitious declaration towards a more sustainable way of life on the planet.


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